Commit 6d42eb35 authored by robcast's avatar robcast
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Error calling navigation_ie

parent 0a9601d7
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ if ((navigator.appName.toLowerCase() == "netscape") && (parseFloat(
} else if (navigator.appName.toLowerCase() == "netscape") {
top.document.write('<script src="navigation_n6.js"><\/script>');
} else if ((navigator.appName.toLowerCase() == "microsoft internet explorer") && (parseFloat(navigator.appVersion) >= 4.0)) {
top.document.write('<script src="navigation11_ie.js"><\/script>');
top.document.write('<script src="navigation_ie.js"><\/script>');
} else {
alert('Your browser is not directly supported by this client right now.\n\nLoading now the optimised version for Netscape 6, that sticks the most to the w3c specifications.');
top.document.write('<script src="navigation_n6.js"><\/script>');
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