Commit bde8c46c authored by robcast's avatar robcast

vector point uses pin-like svg-path now.

parent 5fa850a3
......@@ -344,10 +344,11 @@
* Point
var p1 = trafo.transform(geom.position(coords[0]));
var $elem = $(svgElement('circle', {
// point uses pin-like path of size 3*pu
var pu = hs / 3;
var $elem = $(svgElement('path', {
'id': id, 'class': cssclass,
'cx': p1.x, 'cy': p1.y,
'r': hs,
'd': 'M '+p1.x+','+p1.y+' l '+2*pu+','+pu+' c '+2*pu+','+pu+' '+0+','+3*pu+' '+(-pu)+','+pu+' Z',
'stroke': stroke, 'stroke-width': strokeWidth,
'fill': fill, 'style': style}));
shape.$elem = $elem;
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