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Add a new config example with two species

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# GraphStream attributes
cg ui.quality ui.antialias
cg ui.stylesheet="node.bee { size: 10px; fill-color: orange; } node.moustik { size: 4px; fill-color: #1d1d1d; } edge { fill-color: grey; }"
# gs-boids attributes
cg boids.max_steps=8000
cg boids.random_seed=2132134879
cg boids.area=1
cg boids.sleep_time=30
# Moustik species
cg boids.species.moustik=org.graphstream.boids.BoidSpecies
cg boids.species.moustik.angle_of_view=0
cg boids.species.moustik.view_zone=0.15
cg boids.species.moustik.speed_factor=0.3
cg boids.species.moustik.max_speed=0.9
cg boids.species.moustik.min_speed=0.04
cg boids.species.moustik.direction_factor=0.1
cg boids.species.moustik.attraction_factor=0.5
cg boids.species.moustik.repulsion_factor=0.001
cg boids.species.moustik.inertia=1.1
cg boids.species.moustik.add_species_name_in_ui_class=true
# Moustik species
cg boids.species.bee=org.graphstream.boids.BoidSpecies
cg boids.species.bee.angle_of_view=0.25
cg boids.species.bee.view_zone=0.15
cg boids.species.bee.speed_factor=0.3
cg boids.species.bee.max_speed=1
cg boids.species.bee.min_speed=0.1
cg boids.species.bee.direction_factor=0.2
cg boids.species.bee.attraction_factor=0.3
cg boids.species.bee.repulsion_factor=0.005
cg boids.species.bee.inertia=1.1
cg boids.species.bee.add_species_name_in_ui_class=true
# This last command create 100 boids of the moustik species
cg boids.species.moustik.count=80
cg boids.species.bee.count=40
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