Commit 1b6922e0 authored by Thibaut Démare's avatar Thibaut Démare

Add a gama model which test the new commands of the gs plugin

parent 5a5fafd3
* test
* Author: Thibaut
* Description:
model test
global {
init {
// First test with a clear sender
gs_add_sender gs_host:"localhost" gs_port:2000 gs_sender_id:"test1";
gs_clear gs_sender_id:"test1";
// Second test
gs_add_sender gs_host:"localhost" gs_port:2001 gs_sender_id:"test2";
// Create three nodes
gs_add_node gs_sender_id:"test2" gs_node_id:"node1";
gs_add_node gs_sender_id:"test2" gs_node_id:"node2";
gs_add_node gs_sender_id:"test2" gs_node_id:"node3";
// Create one directed
gs_add_edge gs_sender_id:"test2" gs_edge_id:"edge1" gs_node_id_from:"node1" gs_node_id_to:"node2" gs_is_directed:true;
gs_add_edge gs_sender_id:"test2" gs_edge_id:"edge2" gs_node_id_from:"node2" gs_node_id_to:"node3" gs_is_directed:false;
//gs_step gs_sender_id:"plop" gs_step_number:0;
species Provider {
aspect base {
draw square(1.5°km) color: rgb([100, 0, 100]) ;
experiment test_gs_extension type: gui {
output {
display display_FinalDestinationManager {
species Provider aspect: base;
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