Commit 6da3b779 authored by Thibaut Démare's avatar Thibaut Démare

Add the 'add node' command

parent 4cd03051
package org.graphstream.gama.extension.sender;
import msi.gama.precompiler.ISymbolKind;
import msi.gama.precompiler.GamlAnnotations.facet;
import msi.gama.precompiler.GamlAnnotations.facets;
import msi.gama.precompiler.GamlAnnotations.inside;
import msi.gama.precompiler.GamlAnnotations.symbol;
import msi.gama.runtime.IScope;
import msi.gama.runtime.exceptions.GamaRuntimeException;
import msi.gaml.descriptions.IDescription;
import msi.gaml.expressions.IExpression;
import msi.gaml.statements.AbstractStatement;
import msi.gaml.statements.IStatement;
import msi.gaml.types.IType;
import org.graphstream.gama.extension.GSManager;
import org.graphstream.gama.extension.IKeywordGSAdditional;
@symbol(name = IKeywordGSAdditional.ADD_NODE, kind = ISymbolKind.SINGLE_STATEMENT, with_sequence = false)
@inside(kinds = { ISymbolKind.BEHAVIOR, ISymbolKind.SINGLE_STATEMENT })
@facets(value = { @facet(name = IKeywordGSAdditional.SENDERID, type = IType.STRING, optional = false),
@facet(name = IKeywordGSAdditional.NODE_ID, type = IType.STRING, optional = false)})
public class AddNodeStatement extends AbstractStatement implements IStatement{
final IExpression senderid;
final IExpression nodeid;
public AddNodeStatement(IDescription desc) {
senderid = getFacet(IKeywordGSAdditional.SENDERID);
nodeid = getFacet(IKeywordGSAdditional.NODE_ID);
protected Object privateExecuteIn(IScope scope) throws GamaRuntimeException {
String s = (String)(senderid.value(scope));
String nid = (String)(nodeid.value(scope));
GSSender sender = GSManager.getSender(s);
return null;
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@ public class GSSender {
public void sendNodeAdded(long nodeId) {
nsSender.nodeAdded(sourceId, newEvent(), nodeId + "");
public void sendNodeAdded(String nodeId) {
nsSender.nodeAdded(sourceId, newEvent(), nodeId);
public void sendEdgeAdded(long fromId, long toId, boolean directed) {
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