Commit 3c4eb8e1 authored by Thibaut Démare's avatar Thibaut Démare

Add test to remove edge/node

parent 0b74cc7f
......@@ -57,14 +57,20 @@ global {
// Step
gs_step gs_sender_id:"test1" gs_step_number:2;
//Remove edge
gs_remove_edge gs_sender_id:"test1" gs_edge_id:"edge2";
// Remove node
gs_remove_node gs_sender_id:"test1" gs_node_id:"node3";
// Clear
gs_clear gs_sender_id:"test1";
//gs_clear gs_sender_id:"test1";
// Close
gs_close gs_sender_id:"test1";
//gs_close gs_sender_id:"test1";
// If the previous command has worked, the next one should work too
gs_add_sender gs_host:"localhost" gs_port:2001 gs_sender_id:"test1";
//gs_add_sender gs_host:"localhost" gs_port:2001 gs_sender_id:"test1";
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