Commit 00159871 authored by Yoann Pigné's avatar Yoann Pigné

add a utilisty proxy graph in sender, plus created module folder

parent 1bf8efcf
......@@ -14,9 +14,11 @@ import socket
import struct
import types
import base64
from random import random
from graphstream import AttributeSink, ElementSink
from netstream_constants import *
class NetStreamTransport(object):
"""Defines the general behaviour of the class that will be in charge of the actuall data sending"""
......@@ -338,6 +340,107 @@ class NetStreamSender(AttributeSink,ElementSink):
event = event + self._encodeDouble(timestamp)
class NetStreamProxyGraph():
This is a utility class that handles 'source id' and 'time id' synchronization tokens.
It proposes utile classes that allow to directly send events through the network pipe.
debug = True
sender = None
stream = None
source = None
_timeId = 0
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Constructor can be with one NetStreamSender object and a source id OR with with 4 args: Source ID, Stream ID, Host, and port number"""
if len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], NetStreamSender):
if self.debug:
print("1 args, Initialize from sender object")
self.init_from_sender(("nss%d"%(1000*random())), args[0])
if len(args) == 2 and isinstance(args[0], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[1], NetStreamSender):
if self.debug:
print("2 args, Initialize from sender object")
self.init_from_sender(args[0], args[1])
if len(args) == 4 and isinstance(args[0], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[1], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[2], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[3], types.IntType):
print("4 args, Initialize from args")
self.init_from_args(("nss%d"%(1000*random())),args[0], args[1], args[2], args[3])
if len(args) == 5 and isinstance(args[0], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[1], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[2], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[3], types.StringType) and isinstance(args[4], types.IntType):
print("5 args, Initialize from args")
self.init_from_args(args[0], args[1], args[2], args[3], args[4])
print("Impossible to Initialize")
def init_from_args(self, source, stream, host, port):
self.sender = DefaultNetSender(stream, host,port)
self.source = source
def init_from_sender(self, source, sender):
self.sender = sender
self.source = source
def addNode(self, node):
self.sender.nodeAdded(self.source, self._timeId, node)
def removeNode(self, node):
self.sender.nodeRemoved(self.source, self._timeId, node)
def addEdge(self, edge, from_node, to_node, directed):
self.sender.edgeAdded(self.source, self._timeId, edge, from_node, to_node, directed)
def removeEdge(self, edge):
self.sender.edgeRemoved(self.source, self._timeId, edge)
def addAttribute(self, attribute, value):
self.sender.graphAttributeAdded(self.source, self._timeId, attribute, value)
def removeAttribute(self, attribute):
self.sender.graphAttributeRemoved(self.source, self._timeId, attribute)
def changeAttribute(self, attribute, oldValue, newValue):
self.sender.graphAttributeChanged(self.source, self._timeId, attribute, oldValue, newValue)
def addNodeAttribute(self, node, attribute, value):
self.sender.nodeAttributeAdded(self.source, self._timeId, node, attribute, value)
def removeNodeAttibute(self, node, attribute):
self.sender.nodeAttributeRemoved(self.source, self._timeId, node, attribute)
def changeNodeAttribute(self, node, attribute, oldValue, newValue):
self.sender.nodeAttributeChanged(self.source, self._timeId, node, attribute, oldValue, newValue)
def addEdgeAttribute(self, edge, attribute, value):
self.sender.edgeAttributeAdded(self.source, self._timeId, edge, attribute, value)
def removeEdgeAttribute(self, edge, attribute):
self.sender.edgeAttributeRemoved(self.source, self._timeId, edge, attribute)
def changeEdgeAttrivute(self, edge, attribute, oldValue, newValue):
self.sender.edgeAttributeChanged(self.source, self._timeId, edge, attribute, oldValue, newValue)
def clearGraph(self):
self.sender.graphCleared(self.source, self._timeId)
def stepBegins(self, time):
self.sender.stepBegins(self.source, self._timeId, time)
def example():
"""docstring for main"""
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