Commit e78c7e2f authored by ThibautDemare's avatar ThibautDemare

Make the code clearer by renaming some variables and adding some comments

parent fe5981f1
......@@ -21,17 +21,25 @@ def checkForBackupNeedsAndWait():
if now > (lastBackup + timeBetweenTwoBackup):
# Sleep a bit: don't need to be awken all the time
# Sleep a bit: don't need to be awaken all the time
# The number of available CPU
nbCpus = multiprocessing.cpu_count()
# The date of the last backup done
lastBackup =
maxNbSim = 4
# The index of the first simulation
startingIndex = 1
nbSimStarted = 1
while nbSimStarted <= maxNbSim:
# The index of the last simulation
endingIndex = 4
# The index of the simulation to start next
nbSimStarted = startingIndex
while nbSimStarted <= endingIndex:
resultPath = "run"+str(nbSimStarted)
run("cp -r ./source ./"+str(resultPath), shell = True)
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