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CTCModel maj for dealing with latest keras and tensorflow versions

parent 23f058da
......@@ -760,10 +760,12 @@ class CTCModel:
or list of arrays of predictions
(if the model has multiple outputs).
num_samples = self.model_pred._check_num_samples(ins, batch_size,
num_samples = check_num_samples(ins,
if steps is not None:
# Step-based predictions.
# Since we do not know how many samples
......@@ -1182,4 +1184,50 @@ def tf_edit_distance(hypothesis, truth, norm=False):
inputs are tf.Sparse_tensors """
return tf.edit_distance(hypothesis, truth, normalize=norm, name='edit_distance')
\ No newline at end of file
return tf.edit_distance(hypothesis, truth, normalize=norm, name='edit_distance')
def check_num_samples(ins,
"""Checks the number of samples provided for training and evaluation.
The number of samples is not defined when running with `steps`,
in which case the number of samples is set to `None`.
# Arguments
ins: List of tensors to be fed to the Keras function.
batch_size: Integer batch size or `None` if not defined.
steps: Total number of steps (batches of samples)
before declaring `predict_loop` finished.
Ignored with the default value of `None`.
steps_name: The public API's parameter name for `steps`.
# Raises
ValueError: when `steps` is `None` and the attribute `ins.shape`
does not exist. Also raises ValueError when `steps` is not `None`
and `batch_size` is not `None` because they are mutually
# Returns
When `steps` is `None`, returns the number of samples to be
processed based on the size of the first dimension of the
first input Numpy array. When `steps` is not `None` and
`batch_size` is `None`, returns `None`.
# Raises
ValueError: In case of invalid arguments.
if steps is not None and batch_size is not None:
raise ValueError(
'If ' + steps_name + ' is set, the `batch_size` must be None.')
if not ins or any(K.is_tensor(x) for x in ins):
if steps is None:
raise ValueError(
'If your data is in the form of symbolic tensors, '
'you should specify the `' + steps_name + '` argument '
'(instead of the `batch_size` argument, '
'because symbolic tensors are expected to produce '
'batches of input data).')
return None
if hasattr(ins[0], 'shape'):
return int(ins[0].shape[0])
return None # Edge case where ins == [static_learning_phase]
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