Commit 72717d73 authored by ThibautDemare's avatar ThibautDemare
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Create two seperate displays for Road and River traffic

parent 80a1c8a4
......@@ -107,6 +107,19 @@ experiment 'Every output' type: gui {
event [mouse_down] action: block_one_road;
display 'Road traffic' autosave: true refresh:every(1) {
species Road aspect: geom;
event [mouse_down] action: block_one_road;
display 'Maritime and River traffic' autosave: true refresh:every(1) {
species MaritimeLine aspect: geom;
species RiverLine aspect: geom;
species MaritimeTerminal aspect:geom;
species RiverTerminal aspect:geom;
species MaritimeRiverTerminal aspect:geom;
event [mouse_down] action: block_one_road;
/*display 'Number of Vehicles' refresh:every(1) {
chart "Number of batches" type: series {
data "Total number of batch" value: totalNumberOfBatch color: rgb('purple') ;
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